Hello readers, this website has been made by an Association of Lawyers working in the area of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi (India). The associated members do not offer for any work, task or assignment. The information being supplied here is about the personalities of associate members and it does not mean in any manner a relationship or an attempt or effort to make relationship of lawyer-client. It is neither an offer nor invitation to engage any of the associated members as their lawyers in any case. Otherwise, the associate members legally assist help its/their clients as per their respective communications, discussions, cases and consultancy. Apart from this website, some of the associate members are also attached with the online NGO

Legal Team

The Association for its smooth functioning has made three teams to work. The first team is the soul of Association. It consists the lawyers having experience of 20 to 35 years of practice. They are also empanelled lawyer of several Banks, insurance companies, Public and Private sectors as their senior lawyers. The second team is its energy and administrative and managing power. It consists the lawyers having experience of 5 years to 20 years of practice. They are also empanelled lawyer of several institutions like private Banks, insurance companies, Public and Private sectors as their lawyers. The third team of is a team of fresh lawyers having experience of 1 to 5 years of practice. They all are dynamic and dedicated to their profession and are learning from their seniors. They also assist to manage the administrative functioning of BLA. The third team of BLA also works specially for welfare and development of needy Children in all respects by making their own NGO without its name and office and by not advertising them as they believe in work and not in fame for their work.


All the associate members of are having full of knowledge, experience, dedication and sincerity. They all are well known to their hard work, dedication, legal skill, honesty, punctuality to work and appearance in the courts. They don’t run behind making the case or money, but to help his client legally and wherever requires emotionally.


Association is a team of professional and qualified lawyers. We believe in sincerity and hardwork in the positive direction with full dedication. The Association works in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Chandigarh in the subordinate courts, high court Chandigarh, Delhi high court and Supreme Court. Our associates are well experienced & qualified to handle all the legal fields like, civil, criminal, Matrimonial, Rent, Consumer, Drafting of all type of agreements/contracts, IPR, IT Laws, Music, Taxes, Labour, Insurance, communication, Public Utility Services, Banking, Arbitration etc. The associated members are dedicated to legal profession. Some of the associated members are expertise in particular legal field. The Associates are also attached to social activities and NGOs. The Association has also a separate team of dynamic young advocates. The Associates are also on the panel of almost all the legal fields.

Website was formed with the union of LEGAL + LAWYER. The associate members prove them as lawyers dedicated to the legal profession. They work individually and whenever required as a team. Every associated member always takes full responsibility for the work, task given to him/her. Association provides a platform to the associated advocates to work or to achieve their professional goals.


In these days, due to change of competition in the corporate sectors, generation of new jobs, development in Information Technology sector, Immigration law, the new law of Food Safety and adulteration, addition and amendments in criminal laws, enforcement of new laws for women, children and senior citizens and old age parents, real estate and consumer laws, everyone involved in the legal complications feel to consult and engage the expert lawyer to deal with such matters. Some of the particular fields are given as: -

  1. Banking Law

  2. Arbitration Law

  3. Intellectual Property Law

  4. Consumer Law

  5. Writ Matters

  6. Tax Laws

  7. Company Laws

  8. Information Technology Laws

  9. Land Acquisition Law

These fields are particularly different than the other routine legal matters such like Property and Recovery Matters, Motor Accident Claim Matters, Matrimonial Matters (civil and criminal) and other Criminal Matters.


The associate members are experts in all the legal fields. However, some members practice in only particular fields of law. The associate members, who practice in particular field, do not entertain any matter other than the field, in which they particularly practice. The associated members having sufficient experience of practice from the lower court to Supreme Court. At present, the associate members of are practicing in the subordinate courts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pardesh, Chandigarh, Rajsthan and Delhi, the High Courts of Rajsthan, Punjab & Haryana at Chandigarh, Himachal Pardesh, Delhi and also at Supreme Court.

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